Importance of Sustainability Indicators

This page has been developed in order to publish the results of the analysis of 40 sustainability indicators, within the six ecodevelopment dimensions proposed by Ignacy Sachs (social, economical, cultural, spatial, political and ecological), as to the 34 coastal municipalities of the State of Rio de Janeiro. All information here is subject to complete or partial reproduction as long as its authorship is mentioned.

To make reference to the atlas of sustainability indicators for the coastal municipalities of Rio de Janeiro, quote:

SOUTO, R.D. Atlas of Sustainability Indicators for Coastal Municipalities of the State of Rio de Janeiro. [online], accessed in 3/30/2023.

The calculated indexes refer to the negative impact of activities and dynamics developed by Human throughout his occupation of the coastal zone of the state of Rio de Janeiro. To know more about the methodology used in this analysis, click here.

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