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Percental Bar Graph

The percental bar graph compares two component measurements of the rate and presents one
as a percentage of the other.

Covering by Atlantic Forest
Covering by Permanent Farming
Participation of People in the EAP
Industry Participation in the Municipal Economy
Aquaculture Workers
Covering by Secondary Vegetation
Covering by Field-Pasture
Degraded Areas
Deaths by Transmissible Illnesses
Infant Mortality
Water Supply Covering
Efficiency of Home Garbage Collection
Water Treatment Stations Covering
School Insertion
Sufficiency of Teachers
Demographic Density
Population in Subnormal Agglomerations
Subnormal Agglomeration
Total Municipal Capital Expenditure
Total Municipal Current Expenses
Municipal Expenses Directed to Education and Culture
Municipal Expenses Directed to Health and Sanitation
Municipal Expenses Directed to National Security and Public Defense
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