Atlas of Sustainability Indicators for the Coastal Municipalities of the State of Rio de Janeiro

Sustainability Atlas

This page was developed to disseminate the results of the analysis of 40 sustainability indicators, within the six dimensions of eco-development proposed by Ignacy Sachs - social, economic, cultural, spatial, political and ecological, for the 34 coastal municipalities of the state of Rio de Janeiro .

The maps displayed in this atlas refer to the indexes calculated in 2006, when researching for a Monograph of Bachelor of Oceanography by Dr. Raquel Souto. The atlas is undergoing maintenance to include new maps, made with indexes calculated in 2015, in its PhD research.

All information provided here is subject to full or partial reproduction, as long as its authorship is mentioned. To refer to the atlas of sustainability indicators for coastal municipalities in Rio de Janeiro, quote:

SOUTO, R.D. Atlas of Sustainability Indicators for Coastal Municipalities of the State of Rio de Janeiro. [online], accessed in january 30th, 2020.

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