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"The indicator is only a measurement, not an instrument of prediction or a definitive statistic measurement,
not an evidence of causality; it only evidences a given situation."

The graphics elaborated from the measurements that compose the calculated indexes and from
the indexes themselves constitute important instruments in the evaluation of indicators.
Below are the types of graphics generated in this research and a brief description about them:


Anthropogenic Impact Polygon
Radial graphic, with the six representative axes of the ecodevelopment dimensions proposed by Ignacy Sachs
(social, ecological, space, economical, political and cultural), marking in each one the value of its
respective index. These impact polygons are available for the coastal municipalities of Rio de Janeiro.

Percental Bar Graph
The percental bar graph compares two component measurements of the rate and presents one
as a percentage of the other.

Bar Graph
The bar graph compares the calculated indexes for each municipality in relation to a same indicator.

Pie Chart
The pie chart compares two component measurements of the index and presents them as percentages.


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